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No, but could you imagine Vicki “Friend to all creatures” Pallister travelling with the Tenth Doctor instead of Donna?Holding an Adipose in her hands and cooing at it?
Not able to keep a straight face when she see’s the Sontarans potato heads?
Staring with wide eyes at the vespiform and wondering if it’s friendly?

Going absolutely berserk when she finds out how the ood are treated …

And I just thought:
Asking the Hath all sorts of questions about their breathing equipment and giggling a little when they “bubble”.

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The question is, which companion would be the biggest whovian?

Izzy 100%.

izzy is just the amalgamation of every whovian in existence tbh

Adric, though…

(before I read the other comments I just thought ‘Izzy’)

Adric isn’t from our planet or even our universe, he probably doesn’t understand TV.

I imagine that Evelyn would’ve been a massive fan of it when she was a kid and it’s what got her into history and stuff. And now she just gets so happy when she see’s students going around campus with TARDIS bags and “Keep Calm And Don’t Blink T-Shirts”.

I’ve missed like all of this series …


I was waiting for a painting to dry and somehow this happened.

The male human warrior one cracked me up.

(Now did I already post this to my regular blog or my DW blog I wonder …)


RIP Handles…

…buried on Trenzalore instead of the Doctor

Bu- but Kroton :(


I love all things Doctor Who, but Dalekanium, really?

Lets go to Skaro and mine for some Humananium.

Or maybe they’ve got Britishanium.

Dude it was coined in the 60’s, of course it’s gonna sound naff!!


Awesome Doctor Who Explosions

Right, can anyone find a gif of that scene from The Greatest Show In The Galaxy where McCoy thought he was gonna die?




Most. Awkward. Companion. Ever.

When Kamelion changed shape, it was played by the actor whose character’s form it took. However, when in its default form, it was a true computer-controlled robot prop. The reason why the Kamelion robot was used fully only in two serials was that it was very difficult for the Doctor Who production team to control. It malfunctioned frequently, and things were only made worse when its inventor, Mike Power, died in a boating accident without leaving behind the knowledge of the complex codes that controlled it. A third appearance by the character in the serial The Awakening, designed to bridge the gap between its appearances and to remind viewers of its existence and the fact that it had been ‘hiding’ all this time somewhere in the TARDIS, was cut for timing reasons and was never broadcast. Thought lost forever, this scene was eventually recovered on a video copy of an early edit of The Awakening episode one, in the personal archive of the late Doctor Who producer John Nathan-Turner. Presented to the Doctor Who Restoration Team, it was included in the documentary Kamelion: Metal Man featured on the DVD release of The King’s Demons.” (wiki)



Just me being a dork taking pictures in my Dalek costume. This is such a fun outfit to wear. I can’t wait to wear it to a convention. Going to start working on my Black Canary outfit probably tonight. Black Canary is such a great character. I love Birds of Prey (Gail Simone is the best!) and even though I have issues with Injustice I love how bad ass she is in it. 

The rest of my dalek pictures are on my facebook! 


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